Visit Black-necked Crane Visitor Centre

Situated on the edge of the forest and the wetlands along the main road on the west side of the Phobjikha valley, the Black-necked Crane Visitor Center is one of the hubs of tourism activities. The center is equipped with educational and recreational programs. Educational programs include displays and videos that introduce the valley, the social cultural setting, and natural resources and ecological significance pertaining primarily to the wetland and the vulnerable black-necked cranes. It also provides educational activities for visiting student groups.

The center is also a place for recreation with crane watching equipment (binoculars, spotting scopes) and reference books. This is further supplemented with coffee shop where visitors can purchase hot and cold beverages (tea, coffee, etc) and snacks.

The center has a gift shop where souvenirs that include local handicrafts and post cards representing the culture, tradition and landscapes of Bhutan and Phobjikha are available on sale. Other items in the gift shop include locally manufactured items, books, videos, etc.

Black-necked Crane Brochure
Black-necked Crane Visitor Centre Activity Guide Book