Home Stay

Experience the hospitality spirit of Phobjikha by staying with a local family

This option provides guests with two opportunities. The product entails living with a family to experience and learn about the way of life of local people including overnight stay in the households, local food and drinks, interaction with family members, and participation in daily household chores such as cooking, milking of cow, making butter, cheese, feed livestock etc. Depending on the season, visitors may also have the opportunity to participate in gardening and farm activities including crop plantation, harvesting etc.

For most of the foreign urbanite visitors, this experience will provide a glimpse of the ancestral way of life – life that is hard work, devoid of stress and sustainable.
Twenty homestays offer accommodation facility with each homestay having the capacity of two rooms for four persons. The households are equipped with the basic modern sanitation and bedroom facilities.

The details of homestays and their locations can be found on the map.

Operator Manual for Homestay